About me

Oh hey there! 

My name is Martha Edwards and I’m a UX researcher and designer currently living in Ottawa, Ontario, on a secondment from my role as a Senior UX Researcher with the UK Government.

I started my professional career as a freelance writer – my work has been featured in places like aol and Huffington Post. I’ve also done corporate writing for websites and intranets, and I work as a professional photographer and designer on the side too. 

In 2010, I joined local government at the City of Calgary, and discovered that I loved serving the public. Initially, my job was to develop and implement content design best practices for their high-profile website redesign, but my role quickly evolved to include usability testing. Usability testing led to an awareness of user needs, and that turned into a career in user research.

I relocated to London in 2014 and joined the Cabinet Office Digital Team, then Government Digital Service. In addition to leading research on high-profile complex projects, I also mentor and manage other user researchers, and play an active role in the cross-government and international user research communities. Colleagues and friends describe me as friendly and authentic, and someone who is both hard-working and easy going.